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Cork Audiological Services provides comprehensive hearing assessment and diagnostic audiological services for both adults and children. From her clinic in South Terrace Medical Centre, diagnostic audiologist Jean Hegarty provides a comprehensive audiological service, with a special interest in tinnitus retraining therapy and adult rehabilitation. Jean also provides a comprehensive paediatric audiological service including assessment, diagnosis and treatment. Jean also provides audiological services through Kerry Hearing Services at the Park Clinic Health & Wellness Centre.

Suffering with Hearing Loss?...Do Something Positive About it

Hearing LossSince hearing is a sense that affects every aspect of our lives, hearing loss can often have a devastating effect on our relationships, school life, work life and recreation. Hearing loss is a hidden disability which leaves sufferers isolated, and leads to worsening quality of life. Though a sufferer may experience physical effects of hearing loss, it is often the emotional isolation and psychological stress that causes the greatest anxiety. 

Remember, when experiencing an issue with hearing impairment, the most positive thing to do is to seek an assessment. The sooner an accurate diagnosis is made by a diagnostic audiologist, the sooner you can receive treatment and start enjoying life again!

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Opening Hours

Cork Audiological Services is open at Suite 11 South Terrace Medical Centre Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 5:30pm. Services are also available at Kerry Hearing Services at the Park Clinic Health & Wellness Centre, Killarney. Contact us or call us now to arrange an appointment.

Our Hearing Aid Devices

Cork Audiological Services supplies a variety of discrete hearing aids which can provide customisable settings for different listening environments. The main brands supplied are Starkey, Siemens, Widex & Phonak
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